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Americans for Term Limits, a grass-roots bipartisan organization, was created with the sole purpose of igniting a national movement, urging Congress to ratify the 28th Constitutional Amendment to limit the number of terms a U.S. Senator and Representative can serve.

Far from our founding fathers’ intent, Congress has evolved into a veritable circus of overly scripted performances, a haven for career politicians that seem to have lost sight of their role to serve constituents and not special interest groups for favors and financial gain. The original intent of Congress, which was established during the controversial Constitutional Convention in 1787, was to elect officials that best represented constituents back home in districts designed for adequate representation in Washington. Most members of Congress served only a term or two before returning home to their district, assimilating back to life on Main Street with all its inherent trials and tribulation while earning a living under the burdens of regulation and taxation they had enacted in Congress.

“I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men
may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.”

– Thomas Jefferson, Letter to David Hartley, 1787

Today, on average, Representatives serve four terms and Senators two terms. However, there are far too many elected officials, from both parties, that have remained in office for decades, securing a position in a system that perpetuates greed, power, and influence. The celebrity-like status that some party leaders possess, has created a chasm between the Washington elite and American voters that is dangerously close to plutocracy, not our beloved democracy.

Image by Rich Martello
  1. Impress upon the current Congress that they will lose re-election in 2024 if they oppose Term Limits by garnering one million signed voter petitions supporting the Amendment to prove the point.

  2. Generate a nation-wide fire storm of voter demand for Term Limits, making it a major theme in the next election cycle, by launching an aggressive public awareness campaign to educate and inspire voters to rally effectual change.

Americans for Term Limits continues to fund and execute marketing initiatives to generate public support of its mission. Efforts include, TV, radio, and newspaper ads, digital campaigns and earned media coverage, which, combined, reach tens of millions of Americans with our urgent message to end the corrupt Congressional oligarchy by pressuring Congress to immediately pass the Term Limits bill.  


It’s time to return to a citizen-centric Congress. If you agree in recalibrating the balance of power in politics and government putting the interests of American citizens over the privileged, powerful few, we welcome your support and contribution. 

It’s time for change.

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