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The tools you need to get started in supporting term limits.

Image by Joseph Chan

Activist Toolkit

Americans For Term Limits is proud to partner with committed grassroots activists who share our goal of enacting term limits for Congress.  On this page you’ll find the resources you need to help you truly make a difference in your community and around the country. What can you do to inspire a national debate and sway public opinion to ensure Congress unites in supporting term limits?

Sign the Petition

Show your support by signing our petition in support of term limits. Then print it and share with your friends and family to spread the word.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Demand support of the 28th amendment.

Read a sample email here and then contact your elected officials with the button below.

Donate Today

Support our grassroots efforts to enact term limits by giving what you can today.

Spread the News

Share our mission of enacting term limits with others. Social media and email are great places to start!

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