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Use these resources to make an impact on Term Limits.

3 Ways to Get Started

Sign Our Petition

We have set a goal to collect one million signatures representing the collective voice of Term Limits supporters to grab the attention of Congress and implore them to head our call to action.

Submit a Letter to the Editor

Submit a letter to your local newspaper sharing our shared view on why Term Limits is important to changing the fabric of Washington D.C.

Share Your Position

 Talk to your neighbors, friends, and family members. We’ll prepare you for debate and support you with facts and figures outlined in our Fact Sheet that will persuade even the most ardent opposition.

Action Together

Collectively, if we generate excitement in our neighborhoods and across the country while eliciting a favorable response from Congress, success is imminent. Members of both the House and the Senate will have no choice but to head or request for change and enact legislation that recalibrates the balance of power in Washington by forfeiting political favors and financial gain often accrued over decades in office.

Also, consider: 

  • Distributing voting records to your network

  • Coordinating peaceful demonstrations

  • Building a coalition in your community

  • Initiating social media conversations

  • Writing letters to the editors for print

  • Calling radio talk shows and educating listeners

  • Attending political events to share our perspective

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Sign the Petition

Show your support by signing our petition in support of term limits. Then print it and share with your friends and family to spread the word.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Demand support of the 28th amendment.

Read a sample email here and then contact your elected officials with the button below.

Donate Today

Support our grassroots efforts to enact term limits by giving what you can today.

Spread the News

Share our mission of enacting term limits with others. Social media and email are great places to start!

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