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2023 Voter Petition to Congress
Demanding Immediate Passage of the
(S.J.Res.2 in the Senate and H.J.Res.11 in the House)

As a concerned voter I strongly urge you to co-sponsor and actively work for passage of the TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS Constitutional Amendment that would require U.S. Representatives to leave the House after serving a maximum of three two-year terms and require U.S. Senators to leave after serving a maximum of two six-year terms.

Please be advised that TERM LIMITS will be a key issue for me when I cast my vote in the next election.

The time has come to dismantle the arrogant, corrupt permanent Political Cartel in Washington, DC by limiting terms for Congress. As we speed toward the 2024 campaign season, I will watch your actions closely on this matter of urgent importance to America's future survival as a free country. 

Citizens' Demand for Term Limits

A Special Project of Americans for Term Limits

PETITION - Sign here

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