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Model resolution for passage by state legislatures supporting Term Limits for Congress

Whereas the U.S. Constitution has provided an excellent foundation for effective government, showing the wisdom of the founders of this republic; and


Whereas, over the passage of more than 200 years, changing circumstances have led to problems not foreseen by those founders: and

Whereas the founders expected that Congress would be a citizens’ legislature, a part-time job in which members would serve for one or a few terms; and


Whereas after returning to private life they would have to live under the laws they had passed; and


Whereas Congress has in recent years become a full-time job and lifetime career, with members of Congress becoming more of a permanent ruling class than a citizens’ legislature; and


Whereas only term limits for members of Congress can restore a citizens’ legislature; and


Whereas the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that term limits for Congress can only be imposed by a constitutional amendment;


Therefore, be it resolved that the legislature of the state of Xxxxxxxxxxxx calls upon Congress to approve an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, limiting the number of terms that anyone may serve as a member of the House and Senate.

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