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  • Art Harman

Congressional Liquor Shop: Term Limits Reason #34,853

After being in Congress for 35-years, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened a Congressional Booze Shop to make it easier for Members to drink on their job of representing Americans. They'll even deliver to House offices, and it appears Members can use taxpayer money -- that's YOUR money -- to load up.

After decades in office, they do not live in our world where we are worried about Bidenflation, Biden gas prices, baby formula shortages, crime, illegal aliens storming our border, hateful indoctrination in our schools, official censorship, and all the other ways the radicals in Congress and the White House have harmed our beloved nation.

This reminds us of the House of Representatives banking scandal of 1992, which allowed its members to overdraw their House checking accounts without the risk of being penalized. Now booze on demand without walking to the local liquor store. Another thought, local privately-owned liquor stores will be hurt by this on-site House booze shop.

They do not live in our world. It's time for term limits to retore representative government. Three terms in the House, two in the Senate, then go home to live under the laws they passed.

Here's the Tweet that broke the scandal, the sign for all staff and members to see, and the official announcement.

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