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Print our Term Limits Petition and Gather Signatures!

ATL has created a printable version of our “Citizens’ Petition to Congress to Immediately Pass a Constitutional Amendment to Limit Terms for Congress.” Just open the file, print it out, and gather the names of up to 14 friends, relatives, or other people you know who share your desire to limit congressional terms.

When you are done collecting signatures, mail us the completed petition (our mailing address is in the instructions at the top of the petition) and we will deliver it to Congress, along with the hundreds of thousands of other petitions we hope to collect.

In fact, our goal is to bury Congress with one million of these signed petitions in the months ahead, in order to make term limits for Congress a major theme of the 2022 Midterm Congressional election cycle.

Download and print the Petition here:

Download PDF • 183KB

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